Why We Create

Why We Create, Sn2.Ep7: My Ninja Teacher

May 18, 2022 WacomXPDX Season 2 Episode 7
Why We Create
Why We Create, Sn2.Ep7: My Ninja Teacher
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We’re back with another educational and inspirational episode of “Why We Create”. In this episode we sat down with the Kaiser himself, Mr. Bryan Tillman to discuss all things art, education, markers and the importance of failing. 

Following the motto of ‘just do it’ – Bryans career has spanned over a decade and a half and granted him the opportunity to not just attend nearly every Comic Convention in the US (the big ones at least), but also work with major players in the comic book industry like Marvel, DC, UpperDeck, Lucas Films, Cartoon Network, Toys R US and more. 

Bryan has also been an educator for over 15 years and is helping to inspire and usher in the next class of sequential artists. 

He's currently hard and work and getting ready to bring Ninja Empire to the public, so do as Shogun says and make sure to… Follow the Kaiser.  


WEBSITE: https://www.followthekaiser.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/followthekaiser/

TWITER: https://twitter.com/followthekaiser 



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