Why We Create

Why We Create, Sn2.Ep8: The Pursuit of Perfection with Tom DesLongchamp

June 03, 2022 WacomXPDX Season 2 Episode 8
Why We Create
Why We Create, Sn2.Ep8: The Pursuit of Perfection with Tom DesLongchamp
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Self-taught coder, Master of finger painting, Live experimental animator, Entertainer and so much more… for episode 8 of ‘Why We Create’ we sat down with Multi-Disciplinary artist Tom DesLongchamp to get an inside look at his creative process. 

For those that follow Tom on #Twitch, you’re probably familiar with his may creative forms. From ‘Cartoon Mess Live’ to ‘Painting with Borb’. Tom’s live streamed work is a perfect example of what happens when creatives put their ideas in action every single day. From his Twitch debut in 2018, Tom has been ideating, creating, coding, painting, animating live, AND keeping Flash alive (for more on that story head to our #discord for the BTS convo on his technical setup). 

His live streams combine all the things Tom is great at - in a way that is so uniquely and specifically… TOM. 

On the flip side of his digital work, Tom is also known for his small format #portrait work that has been described by many as simply “Dynamic”.  His portrait work is a unique mix of ink lines topped with a glorious mish-mash of perfectly placed finger prints with a dash of straight marker to paper. He’s not afraid of using every color in the marker box, and the end results are truly amazing. 

For more on Tom, make sure to find and follow him on all the socials. He can be found on #Instagram, #twitter, #tumblr and #twitch under the handle @TomThinks

You can also find out more on his website: http://www.tomdeslongchamp.com/ 

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