Why We Create

Why We Create, Sn3.Ep4: Making marks with Kyle T. Webster

April 24, 2023 WacomXPDX Season 3 Episode 4
Why We Create
Why We Create, Sn3.Ep4: Making marks with Kyle T. Webster
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Dust off your art supplies, grab your favorite paint brushes and lets make some marks. For episode 4 of the official #wacom podcast, Why We Create, we’re talking to the brush-master himself, Kyle T. Webster. 

For digital artists and #photoshop enthusiasts, Kyles name will automatically sound familiar. For those not in the loop of digital art lingo, Kyle is the person behind the amazing brush sets featured on Adobe illustration and painting programs like Photoshop and Fresco. Kyle joined the team at Adobe a few years ago after already reaching rock star status in the art sphere by selling his custom created brushes on his own.

Not only did we talk about our favorite brushes and how we use them, we also dug into some of the advice Kyle has followed to get to where he is. Not only is he an incredible illustrator, he’s an amazing educator and mentor. His career has taken him to so many places and now a meditative drawing app, Lines of Zen.  From how to find your own style to remembering to take those doodle breaks, we hope you enjoy the episode. 

You can find and follow Kyle here: 

@KyleTWebster on Instagram

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@kyleTwebster on Twitter

Some other cool folks mentioned in this episode:

Bobby Chiu: @digitalbobert

John Hendrix @johnhendrix



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